College Rivalry Saturday

Bragging Rights are on the Line

There exists no better competition in the south than College Rivals Saturday. That's why The Lowcountry Open fishing tournament has created the College Rivals TWT. Boat-teams choosing to enter this optional tournament will compete for not only bragging rights at the scale, but also to split prize-money between your winning boat-team and your favorite college charity. Whether you're an alumnus or frequent donor, or perhaps a diehard fan who simply lives to see your college team win, this is your chance to fish and win for yourselves and your college loyalty.

How College Rivals TWT Wins You Money

STEP 1: Select which Division your team will enter to fish in the LCO. (or choose more than one)

STEP 2: Select your optional TWT buy-ins as you wish, and add College Rivals TWT among them.

STEP 3: Select the college your boat-team will represent in the College Rivals competition.

STEP 4: Complete the registration form and pay online, mail or in-person.

STEP 5: Trash talk at your own risk. A fishing tournament is a game of ounces.

Review each Division's College Rivals TWT for details.
Winning boats for each division will receive a 1st Place payout split of 30% to the winner, and 30% to their winning college. 2nd Place receives a payout split of 20% to the winner, and 20% to their winning college. Each participating college and university has pledged to donate a portion of winnings to either the LCO veterans charities, or to a veterans charity on their respective campuses. When you win, they win. It's that simple.