Marlin Quay Marina

King Mackerel Shootout Rules 2019

Captain’s meeting will be held at Sara J’s Seafood Restaurant in Murrells Inlet on Friday, September 6, 2019 at 6:00pm. Any rule changes and clarifications are to be announced at the meeting. Saturday, September 7th is the official day of the tournament. Sunday, September 8th will be the make-up day if a small craft advisory is issued by NOAA by Friday September 6th at the captains meeting.

  1. Each boat in tournament shoot out will receive an entry number and shall display that number in a manner which makes it easily identifiable during shoot out.
  2. Shoot-out officials will monitor VHF 10 during shoot-out hours. VHF 16 is to be kept on for emergency calls and Coast Guard assistance.
  3. Shoot-out competition is limited to motorized boats only.
  4. This is a sporting event.  All fish must be taken on rod and reel. No boat lines or electric reels will be allowed. Down riggers will be permitted as fishing line carriers only. Down riggers cannot be used as rod and reel combination.
  5. There is no restriction as to the number of people allowed aboard each boat during competition hours.
  6. The shoot-out committee reserves the right to inspect any boat entering in competition, including an on board inspection.
  7. The shoot-out committee reserves the right to refuse an entry into the shoot-out.
  8. The shoot-out committee reserves the right to place a tournament representative on an entered boat during completion for the purpose of observation.
  9. No lines in time but the fish must be caught the day of the tournament Sept 7th 2019. Scales open at 4:00pm and close at 6:00pm. Ceremony to follow for awards at 7:00pm. 
  10. All boats weighing in fish must be under their own power and brought in to fuel dock for off-loading. No fish will be accepted from transported by land.
  11. All Fish submitted for weight-in must be fresh, edible condition and caught during fishing hours of shoot-out. No mutilated fish will be accepted for weigh-in.
  12. All protest of rulings or determination of shoot-out prize winners shall be made to shoot-out officials and accompanied by $500 cash. All protest shall be made no later than one (1) hour after scales close. In the event the protest is upheld by shoot-out officials, the $500 will be returned. In the event the protest is not upheld the $500 will become property of the shoot-out. All decisions made by the shoot-out officials is final.
  13. Winners subject to Polygraph Test
  14. Captains participate at their own risks and should follow all State and Federal laws.
  15. Only one boat entry can win one Primary Prize.
  16. In the event of a tie the earliest weigh-in time wins.
  17. NO boundaries