Hooked on Miracles KMT 2019 Rules

1. Eligible fish: King Mackerel only (Scomberomorus Cavalla). Minimum length 36”forklength.
2. Tournament officials will monitor VHF channel 72 during competition hrs.
4. “Courtesy fish may be weighed for consideration of the Nettles Youth Award. Courtesy fish are not eligible for monetary awards.”
5. There shall be no more than six lines fished from any boat.
6. There are no restrictions on the number of people allowed aboard each boat during competition hours.
7. This is a sporting event. All fish must be taken on rod and reels, no hand lines or electric reels are allowed.
8. Weather day is Sunday July 14th.  Fishing is at the captain’s discretion; the captain will accept full responsibility for his actions.
9. In the event of a natural disaster, 50% of the entry fee will be refunded.
10. All boats must meet both USCG and the State of SC safety requirements in order to qualify for competition. South Carolina requires all anglers to have a SC saltwater fishing license.
11. Tournament Committee reserves the right to inspect any boat entered in competition, including an onboard inspection.
12. Grand Prize 1st Place $15,000.00! Grand prize payouts based on 125 paid entries. If less than 125 boats are entered, the prize money will be decreased on a pro-rata basis.
13. Boats submitted after entry deadline must be approved by the Tournament Committee prior to leaving port.
14. The Tournament Committee must approve any entries submitted to the Tournament. If the entry is not approved, 100% of the entry fee will be refunded. This is not an open tournament.
15. Tournament Committee and sponsors may compete.
16. SOBE Class will be defined as Single Outboard Engine
17. Nothing may be exchanged from boat to boat during tournament hours. Emergency situations are an exception. If a emergency situation occurs and one or more boats need to lend assistance then this event will be reviewed by the tournament comittee and one or more boats may be deemed compliant within the rules of this tournament. No boat may touch land, dock or refuel during tournament hours. 
18. Captain or crew of the first place prize may be subject to polygraph.
1. On tournament day, competition hours are:
Saturday, July 13th- 6:30 am to 5:00 pm.
2. There is no check out. Boats MUST leave from any South Carolina inlet, and must weigh in at the official weigh-in station at Ripley Light Yacht Club. Official tournament time will be GPS time.
3. No boats are to congregate together during tournament hours.
4. No lines in the water before 6:30 am.
5. No boat on Fish Day shall be placed on a trailer, during the competition hours, that is in route to the weigh-in station.

YOUTH ANGLER AWARD- (16 years old or younger)To qualify for the Andy Nettles' Youth Anlger Trophy Awards the youth angler must soley fight the fish.  The youth angler must accompany the fish to the scale to specify that he/she caught the fish.

Lady Anglers Award: Lady Anglers are female and must be 17 years old and up. The female angler must soley fight the fish. The female angler must accompany the fish to the scale to specify that she caught the fish.

1. Check-in boat location: (To be announced at Captain’s Meeting) located near USCG Station. 
2. Entrants wishing to weigh fish for competition must check-in with the official Key West "Check-in Boat" and proceed in an orderly fashion to the idle staging area. This area will be located at the end of the "C" dock outside the RPYC creek in the Ashley River.  There will be a person at the end of "C" dock directing traffic into the weigh station. Directions to proceed to the weigh station will be given to each boat via VHF radio channel 72 or Bull Horn.  Each boat will be called in order. The order is based on the team's time of arrival as documented by the "Check-in Boat".
3. Check-In Time: Saturday July 13th - 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Boats checking in after 5:00 pm cannot weigh in fish.
4. Each boat in the tournament competition will receive an entry number card at the Captain's Meeting; this card (no duplicates or copies) must be displayed and acknowledged by the official Key West "Check-in Boat".
5. All fish weighed, except those retained by HOM for prize consideration, must be removed after weigh-in by the fishermen.
6. Fish to be weighed in must be from the boat in which they were caught. Fish cannot be transferred from one boat to another.
7. No mutilated fish will be weighed. A mutilated fish is one in which the injury impacts the fish's ability to fight.  All hooks and leaders must be removed before weigh-in as a safety measure.
8. Prizes are awarded solely on the basis of fish weight. In the event of identical weights, the first fish weighed in shall be declared the winner.
9. It is the sole responsibility of the crew aboard each boat to offload and present its catch for weighing. Crews should have their fish ready for offloading. The angler must accompany the fish to the weigh station. No boats will be allowed to tie up at the offloading dock.
10. A signed weigh-in voucher will be required for each individual who places a fish in competition for tournament prizes. Tournament scales will be official weigh-in results. No other weights will be accepted.
11. All protests concerning the determination of tournament prize winners shall be made no later than one hour after the fish has been weighed on the day it occurs and must be accompanied by a $200 cash protest fee. In the event that a protest is not upheld by the tournament committee, the $200 cash protest deposit becomes the property of the Hooked on Miracles Tournament. All decisions made by the tournament committee shall be final.